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Outstanding, very helpful .It has positively contributed to remarkable progress of our child’s education. Personnel attention customized teaching method to suit our child’s understanding and requirement.I am sure it has a great impact on my child’s continuously positive progress for Maths,Science, English and we could see the difference with his GCSE A grade. Highly Recommended.

- Mr.Kansara

Very helpful, very good teacher for child progress and very flexible.

- Mrs. Patel


Sunshine Learning offers tuition both to small groups and on a one-to-one basis to SATs students. This includes tuition for students in both Year 2 and Year 6, when students take the SATs exams.

We teach according to the needs and ability of the students, whether teaching a small group or an individual student. The Sunshine team provides extra practice in the key skills required to perform well in the SATs and guides students on the requirements of the exams. Our team also gives homework and deals with any queries from the students to ensure that they gain as much as possible out of their time with Sunshine.

Currently, Sunshine provides SATs tuition for: Maths, Science and English.