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Outstanding, very helpful .It has positively contributed to remarkable progress of our child’s education. Personnel attention customized teaching method to suit our child’s understanding and requirement.I am sure it has a great impact on my child’s continuously positive progress for Maths,Science, English and we could see the difference with his GCSE A grade.
Highly Recommended.

- Mr.Kansara

Very helpful, very good teacher for child progress and very flexible.

- Mrs. Patel


Good GCSE results are valuable to students, whether they are intending to get a job, find an apprenticeship or go on to A levels and possibly university. Sunshine works with students to identify areas of individual weakness, then addresses those areas with additional practice to give them an extra edge when it comes to the exam.

Depending on your requirements, we offer group and one-to-one GCSE, GCSE Foundation and Higher Grade tuition. When possible, we provide practice based on previous exam papers. This also gives students experience of real exam conditions.

We aim for students to maximise their potential and gain the most out of their sessions with us. In addition to the sessions at Sunshine, our tutors set regular homework. They are also available to answer any questions whether on coursework, study skills, revision or exam skills.

Some students in Years 6, 7, 8 and 9 have the potential and talent to take some of their GCSEs early. Sunshine works with such students to prepare them to take their GCSE exams at the earliest possible opportunity.

Sunshine offers GCSE tuition in: Maths, Science and English.