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Outstanding, very helpful .It has positively contributed to remarkable progress of our child’s education. Personnel attention customized teaching method to suit our child’s understanding and requirement.I am sure it has a great impact on my child’s continuously positive progress for Maths,Science, English and we could see the difference with his GCSE A grade.
Highly Recommended.

- Mr.Kansara

Very helpful, very good teacher for child progress and very flexible.

- Mrs. Patel


These days, there is stiff competition for admission to grammar schools, private schools and independent schools. Consequently, many students require additional practice and guidance to ensure their best possible performance in the entrance exams. As these exams require speed and mental agility to achieve high scores, practice and the right technique to deal with each type of question are key.

Sunshine Learning works with students, either in a small group or on a one-to-one basis to identify individual needs and to provide practice and guidance. This approach gives 11+ students an extra edge in these highly competitive entrance exams.

We offer our service to students in Year 5 and those in earlier years, who are going to take these competitive entrance exams. We provide practice opportunities using a variety of question papers. This allows students to build their confidence in being able to attend maximum questions when under time pressure in real exam conditions.

We also offer suggestions to parents about some useful materials to buy, which will provide practice in class work and homework. Additional 11+ materials are available in bookstores, from websites and online.

Our 11+ courses cover:
VR (Verbal Reasoning), NVR (Non-Verbal Reasoning), Maths and English.

A Levels:
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Holiday Crash Courses:
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